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Application of Aluminium Titanium Boron Grain Refiner
发布人:    发布时间:2017-06-12

Application of aluminium titanium boron

 1.Improve the strength and toughness of aluminum alloy.          

 2.Eliminate columnar crystal and feather like crystal structure.          

 3.Reduce the internal shrinkage, porosity, hot cracking and segregation tendency, improve the intrinsic quality of aluminum products.          

 4.Improve the ductility of aluminum products, for the subsequent processing of the plastic deformation of the process to bring greater flexibility, reduce the process of surface defects.          

 5.In the rolling process of aluminum profile, under the premise of ensuring product quality can be improved and the productivity rate of rolling, rolling die and auxiliary equipment life.          

6.Improve the surface treatment process of aluminum products, improve surface quality.

Add:No.27 Heilongjiang West Rd.qinhuangdao,Hebei,China Zip code:066004
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