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Advantages of aluminum titanium carbon grain refiner
发布人:    发布时间:2017-05-12

Advantages of aluminum titanium carbon:          

1. No pollution in the production process of aluminum titanium carbon    

2. Without potassium fluoborate as raw material, the Al-Ti-C master alloy is not easy to produce salt inclusion.          

3. During the casting process, the nucleation particles are released, the equiaxed grains are effectively refined, and the formation of columnar grains is prevented        

4. Without TiB2 agglomeration, reducing inclusion content, eliminating surface oxide and defects          

5. As for as the impact on the number of second phase particles, under the same refining effect, it can be introduced into smaller amount of  hard points by using Al-Ti-C master alloy to the melt, so as to avoid the potential adverse effects, which is more significative in the production of PS plate or light gauge foil .

6. In the casting production of boron-free nuclear industrial aluminum, Al-Ti-C grain refiner have more advantage.

7. The addition amount of Al-Ti-C is generally less than Al-Ti-B , so, we can save some cost by using Al-Ti-C.

Add:No.27 Heilongjiang West Rd.qinhuangdao,Hebei,China Zip code:066004
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